indiansocialtrend - Faqs


How can one place an order?

In the field Typeyou need to go to the dropdown list, choose the type of services

In the field LinkYou need to Fill up the link to the page in the format

In the field Quantity You need to fill up the number of followers/likes/any other needed

Warning: Until and unless an order is fully completed or cancelled, do not put up the same link at a similar time for similar services and any other services. Please ensure one order at a time. Same profile at the same time if ordered would be considered as the same request.Followers for the same profile twice, are not possible.

We request you to wait until we complete your order and hence, do not take any
Likes/Followers from any other place. The system that we have only allowed us to count the
recent likes/followers and hence if you take the service elsewhere, there might be counting

Privacy Check: Please check whether your account is public or not. This can be easily done by checking the privacy option under the settings.

Order Cancellation: Once the order is placed, the same cannot be cancelled. Our system is automated as it starts working from the time one places an order. If our system finds any error then only the order gets cancelled.

Order Limit: We request you to kindly check the minimum and maximum limit of our
services in the price list section before placing an order.

Instagram Followers: If a server asks you to mention “Username”, kindly put Instagram
username. If nothing is mentioned, you can add a full profile link or user username. If the
order gets cancelled or is partially completed, we request you to order from another server
as we have many servers for followers.

Vine Likes/Re vines: If an order gets cancelled in the Vine section, please re-order again and
again until the status "In Progress" as sometimes, the links do not correctly get submitted.
YouTube Views: Orders must be in the multiples of thousands such as 1000, 2000, 3000,